Logs are an essential part of troubleshooting applications. Logs help us to get an understanding of how our applications are running various infrastructure components, various scenarios, etc. So adding proper logs to your spring application will help you,

  • understand how the application works in the initial developing stages and against different scenarios.
  • mainly, will improve the maintenance experience when it has been deployed in a production environment.

In this blog, I will explain how to use log4j2 in your spring boot application. For this article, I will use the artifacts from my previous blog.

As per my previous blog, when…

Spring is an open-source JAVA application framework that lets you write enterprise java applications. Spring boot is basically a quick way for you to startup a spring application. Spring enables you to write very complex applications in a matter of minutes. I will not go deep into Spring and spring boot applications, instead, I will just dive into the application.

Following are the prerequisites for this tutorial.

  • Java 8 installed.
  • Intellij Idea (or you can use Spring tools by https://spring.io/tools).
  • For this tutorial, I will be using Apache Maven installed.

First, let’s go ahead and create a maven project. …

WSO2 Identity Server (IS)can send different notifications to users based on different scenarios. For example, Self-Registration Confirmation notifications, Username, and Password Recovery notifications, Account Locked/Unlocked notifications. WSO2 IS is highly configurable to our own wish. So if I want to send a notification when a user account is deleted I can do it easily.

The smart people at WSO2 have made this identity server customizable and easily configurable. So to customize notification sending they have written a notification handler called DefaultNotificationHandler. Cool right???? Let me tell you how this works in a very abstract manner.

Let's consider the User-Self Registration…

WSO2 Identity Server 5.10.0 introduced new feature support to notifications sending to the user via a user-preferred channel. In other words, the user can decide whether to receive notifications to his email or to the mobile. According to this feature, a notification channel has three attributes.

  1. Channel Type
  2. Channel Value
  3. Channel Verified status

For example, the EMAIL channel has the following attributes

Value Claim: http://wso2.org/claims/emailaddress
Verified Claim: http://wso2.org/claims/identity/emailVerified

Therefore the notification channel selection will happen according to the values of the above claims. Let me tell you how this happens in different flows. …

The latest release of WSO2 Identity Server 5.10.0 and the latest WUM version of WSO2 IS 5.7.0 supports notifications via both the EMAIL channel and the SMS channel. This feature is available in improved User Self-Registration API and new Username and Password Recovery APIs.

If you are using IS 5.10.0, all the default templates are packed to the product by default. If you are using IS 5.7.0, you have to manually add the templates to the registry.

Adding an SMS notification template using the config files

NOTE: Adding and editing SMS templates via the config file is only available in IS 5.10.0 and onwards.

  1. Navigate to <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/sms folder.
  2. Click…

I hope you are excited and eagerly waiting to write some really cool and interesting codes. But the sad story is that you’ll spend much more time over the course of your career maintaining code than you will be writing new code.

Yes, that’s the ugly truth. So, the quality of the codes is very important to us. Error-free code is like gold cus it would make our life much easier. Look at the guy in the meme. Do you want to be that guy? No right? …

WSO2 provides free open source software that can be used and improved by anyone. Therefore, anyone can become a contributor by getting involved in the WSO2 community and helping with the development of WSO2 projects.

Since we are open source, having a Copyright License is really important since it describes a project file’s permitted usage and ownership. Now let's have a look at adding a license header to our IntelliJ IDEA project files.

Adding the license profile

  • First, open an existing project and open to Preferences.
  • Navigate to Editor > Copyright > Copyright Profiles.
  • Click on the + icon to add a new license…

In my previous blogs I’ve explained how user self registration works explained about the API requests and responses. From this blog, I take you the process of configuring the Identity Server. Please note that this feature is available for WSO2 IS 5.7.0 WUM updated version and will be available for WSO2 IS 5.10.0 which will be released in the near future.

Configurations to the server

  1. Configure output-event-adapters.xml to send emails (Refer to email configuration documentation).
  2. The email templates are stored in email-admin-config.xml in <HOME>/repository/conf/email folder. Add the SMS templates to the .xml with ‘sms’ prefix to the beginning. ( NOTE: prefix is case sensitive…

In my previous blog, I’ve explained how user self registration works in a nutshell. In this blog I will explain the API requests and responses. Please note that this feature is available for WSO2 IS 5.7.0 WUM updated version and will be available for WSO2 IS 5.10.0 which will be released in the near future.

Notification Management

Before moving forward I would like to explain about the notification management mechanisms that WSO2 Identity Server Offers. The Identity Server provides the capability for the application developer to manage notifications internally or externally.

  1. Internal notification management: The server will send the notifications to the…

WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS) is a first-class identity and access management product with many Identity Management features. User Self Registration is one such feature.

This feature has been there in the IS for a long time and REST APIs are avaliable to use this feature. Now we have improved the capabilities and functionality of the User Self Registration and Account Confirmation REST APIs to support both email and SMS as account confirmation channels. …

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